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A Legacy of Excellence

We respectfully acknowledge the passing of those that greatly impacted NESTA

Without them, NESTA would not be what it is today

Forever our friends, colleagues & fellow supporters of ESS

We miss their smiles, laughter & passion for our Earth

We are so grateful our pathways crossed

Howard was an amazing advocate, someone who would always enthusiastically help and provide ideas/opinions, and a treasure trove of information.  His loss will be felt by me, as I often looked to him for conversation and a mentoring ear - David Thesenga

Longtime member, Howard served on the NESTA Board, President ('96-'98) and Treasurer & Merchandise Coordinator ('08-'21)  Appointed as a NESTA Fellow (2003); awarded Thomas B. Ervin Distinguished Service award (2007), Jan Woerner & Harold B. Stonehouse Lifetime Achievement Award (2015). and NESTA "Certificate of Service (2016)

Howard worked closely with the Massachusetts Marine Educators. At the time of his passing was a member of the current MME Board of Directors and the MME "Flotsam and Jetsam" Editor .  He received the MME Award of Distinction in 2003 

An additional appointment was as NSTA Conference Facilities Coordinator - 2010 - 2016

Sharon was an active member of NESTA, being awarded  the Thomas B. Ervin Distinguished Service Award in 1993 and the Jan Woerner & Harold B. Stonehouse Lifetime Achievement Award in 2013, in San Antonio. She was honored as a NESTA Fellow in 1994.

She originated the concept of "Share-athons," in 1985 after being challenged by Jan Woerner to come up w/ session for NSTA Cincinnati. By many people who knew her, share-athons are lovingly referred to as "Sharon-thons." Many ESTAs continue this session at their meetings.Sharon was the first elected President of NESTA,1986-88. For our NESTA Rock Raffles, Sharon was an annual donor of spectacular geologic specimens.

As her health deteriorated, Sharon, in a wheelchair, continued to attend NESTA events until perhaps the past 4-5 years. At conferences, NESTA member, Jeff Callister, would pilot her wheelchair. 

  • NESTA SW Regional Director
  • NESTA Fellow - 2018 (posthumous)
  • Thomas B. Ervin Distinguished Service Award - 2018 (posthumous)

Harold Stonehouse

Harold Stonehouse is NESTA's founder / 1st Executive Advisor; & founder of now defunct California ESTA. He dedicated his life towards advocacy of ES & formation of our prominent organization

Awardees are called to the same dedication of duty towards ES advocacy, for which there are many forms

May "Stoney's" legacy live on

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