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Digitized Beauty of Webinars

Looking to enrich content knowledge & learn best practices, but can't travel to conferences?

District won't fund travel or other conference / professional development?

No worries!  Webinars are a perfect way to cultivate greater understanding of teaching methods, current science inclusion in lessons, best practices and many other topics; all from your own home!

 NESTA Board Members & membership often facilitate these professional development experiences, presenting on many webinar platforms
Come JOIN us! 
CONTACT us if you would have a great idea for your own presentation!

Upcoming Webinars

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NESTA-Sponsored Webinar Series

NGSS Summit Webinars - NAGT/NESTA/AGI

What are the NGSS standards? What do you do with them? How do you design a NGSS unit (or modify an existing NGSS storyline) so that it starts with powerful, authentic student questions? What are best practices for helping students channel their wonderings into rigorous, relevant investigations? And, what do you do with the questions you can't answer? 

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Partner Webinar Series

CLEAN Webinars

Take your teaching about climate & energy to the next level

Take a guided tour of the CLEAN portal; Climate & Energy Literacy Principles; discover how supports NGSS; make your own Climate & Energy units; learn more about human impacts on Earth's climate system

GLOBE Mission Mosquito Webinars

GLOBE Mission Mosquito —Citizen Science Community— conducting/reporting local observations using the GLOBE Observer Mosquito Habitat Mapper (GO MHM).  The webinars provide you with information on a variety of topics related to this effort

NOAA Planet Stewards Webinars

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The Out2Lunch Webinar Series from ESIP Education

 10-minute GoToMeeting demonstrations of ESS data tools & resources for educators teaching grades 6-14.
A five minute Q&A session takes place after the demonstration

Past Webinar Events

Mars - What is Your Story 

  Use JMARS to address      topics dealing with            geologic history,                  erosion, volcanism,              climate change, and address science and engineering practices such as developing models, creating investigations, interpreting data, engaging in argument. 

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All Things Eclipse Webinar

Live from the path of totality—Charles Fulco discusses how an eclipse occurs; how to safely view the eclipse (no glasses, no problem); shared classroom resources you can use with your students

NOAA Planet Stewards /NESTA:
Elementary Webinar Series

Check out this four-part series, including teaching and learning about games, simulations, the weather, and oysters.

Facilitating NGSS 3-D Learning: InTeGrate Curricular Materials

Through the lens of the NGSS and come away with resources and strategies for adapting the materials for use in your own classroom to facilitate three-dimensional learning. This webinar was co-sponsored by the National Association of Geoscience Teachers (NAGT) and NESTA

Other Past Webinars

Soils: Foundation for Life

Dig into the basics of soil! This webinar explains:
What is soil, ho
w it forms & how it affects our lives every day through hands-on activities for the classroom. The webinar was presented by professional members of the Soil Science Society of America & hosted by NESTA

Teen Astronomy Cafes:
Jupyter notebooks to explore astronomy

NOAO started the Teen Astronomy Cafes program to excite the interest of talented youth in STEM
One Saturday a month during the academic year, high school students interact with astronomers who work with big data. Many are exposed to computer programing for the first time

Other Webinar Series

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