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Counselor Assistance — Geoscience Careers

Excuse our Dust 

We are in transition and counting down the opening of the new NESTA website.  We appreciate your patience as we go through this change

Soon this page will have current data about ESS professions so Counselors are aware the importance of ESS classes, how they transfer to the professional world & better advise students

Geoscience Careers is more than looking at Rocks

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Geo-Career events

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Steps to take to become a geophysicist

Geoscience Career Handouts

Geoscience Workforce Projections 2019-2029
130k Deficit!!!!

Employment projections from U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) indicate 4.9% increase in geoscience jobs 2019-2029—460,242 to 482,726 jobs 2029. For comparison, projected growth of U.S. workforce over the same timeframe expected 3.7%
27% of existing geoscience workforce will retire. Geoscience graduates entering the workforce each year will not be sufficient to fill the gap created by retirements & addition of 22,000+ new jobs
 projected. As a result, expected geoscience workforce deficit will be approximately 130,000 full-time equivalent geoscientists by 2029!

DB2020-025 chart 01: Projected Geoscience Workforce Changes by Occupation (2019-2029) (Credit: AGI; data derived from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Employment Projections) DB2020-025 chart 02: Projected Geoscience Workforce Changes by Industry (2019-2029 (Credit: AGI; data derived from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Employment Projections)

Geosciences are for Girls too!!!

It is imperative to start ESS education early K-5 & increase interest 6-12
Girls need female role models to help increase interest

Gender bias exists in children as young as 6, careers/roles defined in their mind, by age 14 many girls decided whether science is/isn’t for them

2018/19 HESA —only 38.5% of all undergraduate geology places currently taken by women

For assistance to find Geoscience women role models visit these sites:

Blog: Getting Girls into Geoscience

AGI's Career Compass

How can students launch their geoscience career?

Options, tips, suggestions & strategies how to obtain critical skills, experiences & competencies— intended to assist students, faculty, parents & advisors 

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