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Earth & Space Sciences Advocacy

Why Earth & Space Sciences?

Importance of Scientific Literacy
& Resources

Scientific literacy is more than an academic requirement, it impacts our lives on grand scales—our environment AND economy

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Why ESS is Important

Many Public Policies revolve around ESS—climate change, energy resources, consumerism's "perceived obsolescence" increases mining, environmental impacts, etc
How well can the populace navigate through the misinformation caused by social media, politicians & media outlets?

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Counselor Assistance—
ESS Workforce / Career Status

ESS more than just rocks?  
Geoscience graduates entering the workforce each year not sufficient to fill the gap created by retirements & addition of 22,000+ new jobs projected
ESS professions have a FUTURE & great potential!

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Status of Earth & Space Sciences K-12 Education

Health of K-12 ESS
States & Territories

How do State ESS Standards compare per State?  
How friendly is your State towards ESS as a College Bound Lab Science?

All the info you ever wanted to know & more

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Increasing Diversity in ESS

Increasing diversity benefits scientific advancement— different life experiences & perspectives spark unique questions / problem solving approaches—Diverse collaborations more creative leading to higher levels of scientific innovation 

Yet, ESS fields are least diverse of all STEM fields
Why is this?  How can we do better?

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National Health of K-12 ESS 

How does US compare to other Nations around the World in its approach to K-12 ESS education?

Why does AP & IP not have Geoscience or Astronomy courses—which impacts overall view of ESS as a credible science?

Still Work in Progress, page not public at this time

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Resources— Advocating to Increase ESS:

State Legislatures

ESS State Standards need improving?
Local State universities not recognizing ESS as a full lab science?
Are there State impacts you would like to address?

Looking for a guide to help guide you through the process?  Look no further  

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Convince Your School District

Looking for research-based resources to convince your District to include/increase ESS opportunities for students?

Looking for data that proves the relevance of ESS opportunities?

Everything you need is right here

Still Work in Progress, page not public at this time

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National Level

How to change ideas at the National Level?  There are many programs including becoming part of the Albert Einstein Distinguished Educator Fellowship Program

Change the National landscape of ESS perception

Still Work in Progress, page not public at this time

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