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AGI Announces 'Geoscience Innovating for Earth and People' Webinar Series for Earth Science Week 2023

28 Sep 2023 5:37 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

ALEXANDRIA, Va. — The American Geosciences Institute (AGI) and Earth Science Week program partners invite students, educators, geoscience professionals, and others to participate in the "Geoscience Innovating for Earth and People" Webinar Series during Earth Science Week (October 8-14, 2023).

This webinar series will cover an array of thought-provoking, timely topics relating to the theme and will feature:

  • Partnerships Provide Safe Drinking Water to Rural Communities, 1 p.m. EDT, Monday, October 9. Geoscientists can form innovative relationships to solve problems that a community may face. Speakers will share how scientists and students have worked together and used a variety of techniques to locate safe drinking water for rural communities.
  • Drones for Earth Science, 1 p.m. EDT, Tuesday, October 10. Drones allow us to study Earth in new ways. Collected data can help monitor phenomena such as natural hazards, climate change, and resource extraction. This webinar will explore many ways that drones are being used in the geosciences, including recent drone innovations and classroom applications.
  • Photogrammetry: Introduction and Applications in Geoscience and Geoscience Education, 1 p.m. EDT, Wednesday, October 11. Three-dimensional models can be used to inspect samples, such as rocks or corals, and model environmental changes over time. Speakers will introduce photogrammetry, a method for creating 3D models, and its many applications in geoscience education and research.
  • The Future of Earth's Critical Materials, 1 p.m. EDT, Thursday, October 12. Critical minerals, and more broadly critical materials, are essential for many industries and products, but the availability of these materials is at risk. This webinar will discuss both critical minerals and materials. Talks include an innovative method for locating critical minerals, as well as ways in which students, educators, and the public can engage with critical materials. 
  • The Invisible Mine: Envisioning the Future of Mining in Europe, 1 p.m. EDT, Friday, October 13. Emerging robotic technologies are set to revolutionize the future of mining. This webinar will discuss cutting-edge innovations in artificial intelligence-guided robotics funded by European Union research programs. The aim is to highlight the emergence of a new paradigm of near-invisible, minimally invasive mining enhanced by robotics, where raw materials are supplied reliably and ethically without harming natural ecosystems or human communities.

Registration is required to attend the webinars live, or to be notified when recordings are available. The live webinars will have question-and-answer periods with presenters.

For more information, visit Earth Science Week Webinar Series.

About AGI
The American Geosciences Institute (AGI), a federation of scientific and professional associations representing over a quarter-million geoscientists, is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to serving the geoscience community and addressing the geoscience needs of society. AGI headquarters are in Alexandria, Virginia.

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