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Thursday: March 22nd

 Time  Title  Presenters  Room
 1:00PMKnow Soil, Know Life: Curricular Connections to this Vital Resource M. Holzer, et. al. A301
 1:00PM Using Authentic Data to Explore the Solar System with Vera C. Rubin Observatory 
(Vera C. Rubin Observatory)
A.Herrold & J. Schaen B311
1:00PM Developing Literacy in the Science Classroom: Strategies that Transcend Grade Levels in a speed sharing session. (Mississippi St. University)  Dr. R. Clary C205
2:20PM College Science Teaching in the “New Normal”: Students’ Attitudes and Preferences to Optimize Science Learning in a speed sharing session
(Mississippi St. University)
 Dr. R. Clary C205

Phenomena and NASA Data, Perfect Together - Lessons about Earth's Energy Budget
(My NASA Data)

N. Macke; A. Rizzi  B304

Friday: March 23rd

 Time  Title  Presenters  Room
 8:00AM NOAA Workshop 1: NOAA's SOS Explorer: Adding to your Data Visualization Education Toolbox   B209
8:00AM Travelling back in time through Earth’s history with scientific ocean drilling (American Geosciences Institute)   B303
10:40AM NOAA Workshop 2: NOAA in Your Classroom: Making Sense of the Deep-Sea Phenomena of Vents   B209

Digital learning that's engaging, immersive AND relevant? Is it possible? 
 DIY Digital Lessons: Create Custom Online Lessons for Your Learners 
(Infiniscope - Arizona State University)

S. Kirk, et al.  B311
10:40AM Hands-on Investigations to Highlight Soil Science for a Sustainable World (American Geosciences Institute)   B303
12:00PM Fire’s Out! Considerations on the history and future of energy 
(The Paleontological Research Institution)
D. Haas Exhibit Hall 
 1:20PM NOAA Workshop 3: Discover Emmy Award Winning NOAA Videos and How to Jump Start Your Classroom Experience With Them   B209
 1:20PMHelping students develop conceptual models of science concepts through the use of inquiry activitiesT. Harris B311
2:40PM  NOAA Workshop 4: Sea to Sky: Get to know NOAA’s online educational resources   B209
2:40PM NASA Earth Data Resources: Where, How and Why!
(My NASA Data)
N. Macke; D. Wilson C201
 4:00PM   NOAA Workshop 5: Connecting Students to our Nation’s Changing Coasts (partner workshop with NESTA)  NESTA LEADERS  B209
4:00PM To See a (Scientific) World in a Grain of Sand: Integrating Sand in YOUR Science Classroom (Mississippi St. University) Dr. R. Clary C213

Saturday: March 24th
 Time  Title  Presenters  Room

Informal Share-a-thon : 
Fossil Connections: Paleontology & Earth System Science Resources from PRI, The Paleontological Society, & the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology
(The Paleontological Research Institution)

 D. Haas  
9:30AMAre You "Open" to Citizen Science?
(State University of New York at Fredonia)
 M. JabotB403

Urban Heat Islands: Using scale to identify solutions 
(My NASA Data)

 M. Holzer & D. Wilson A401
10:20AM NOAA Workshop 6: Engage Your Students with Ecosystem Modeling and Virtual Reality   B209 
10:40AMHigh School Share-a-thon: Explore the Universe with Rubin Observatory!
(Vera C. Rubin Observatory)
A.Herrold B305

Grasses on Earth@Home: A free, online, NSF-funded resource showing why grass matters for biodiversity, geography, and human culture
(The Paleontological Research Institution)

D. Haas & E. Hermsen

Exhibit Hall 

 1:20PM   NOAA Workshop 7: Engage Your Students in One of the Most Dangerous Climate Impacts of Our Time: Sea Level Rise    B209
 1:20PM   NOAA Workshop 8: NOAA Planet Stewards Session I: Affecting change through education, collaboration, and action - and receive up to $5000 to do it!  PLANET STEWARDS  B209 
 1:20PM   Authentic Earth Science Data Analysis for All
(My NASA Data)
 A.Rizzi : N. Macke  B312
1:30PMADVizE: Building STEM Pre-Service Teachers' Data Literacy Skills and Pedagogy with My NASA Data M. JabotA407
 2:40PM  NOAA Workshop 9: Creating an Inclusive Environmental Science Curriculum    B209
 4:00PMNOAA Workshop 10: NOAA Planet Stewards Session II: Affecting change through education, collaboration, and action - and receive up to $5000 to do it! PLANET STEWARDSB209
4:00PMHands-on Investigations to Highlight Earth Science for a Sustainable World  (American Geosciences Institute) A402


Find us at the NOAA Booth :
Natalie Macke, Missy Holzer, Matt Haverty, Kimberley Norris-Jones, Angie Rizzi, Mike Jabot & Ardis Herrold

 NESTA Members Working 
You will also find our Members in the Exhibition Hall

  NASA Booth
Angie Rizzi & Maria Royle - My NASA Data
Susan Kirk - Infiniscope

Fossil Connections : Booth #1708
Don Haas - The Paleontological Research Institution

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