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US States & Regions Resources

Excuse our Dust 

We are in transition and counting down the opening of the new NESTA website.  We appreciate your patience as we go through this change

US States & Regions Interactive Tools

Virginia Geological Map

Fun interactive geological map of Virginia

Have fun w/ students explaining local features through geologic time

from @DMMEVA

Climate in your State

Make online student project—How is #Climate in your State changing?

FREE Interactive Real temp data that can be plotted & organized in many ways

-from 1925-present

-smooth out the curve by each plot point

-top temps

Energy Flow Charts

Energy Flow charts for any US State 2010-17


Show % uses of solar, coal, wind, geothermal, nuclear, hydro, natural gas, petroleum, biomass

Compare between states or US as a whole 


Map My Watershed @WikiWatershed @NSF

Interactive Google Earth layering displays your area's:


-Soil type

-Stream Network

-Watershed units

Local Watershed

Want to know about your local watershed? Or those in the US?


Two formats:

KML file with @googleearth

HTML file for browser use



Interested in the environmental impact of your area?

Interactive map answers your "?"

Includes multiple @Esri layers:

-Water Usage

-Land use for crops




Average Weather by City

Need quick & easy Weather data averages for your locality?

Find any city in the US or around the World!

Great for plotting data of understanding #climate regions

Biome Viewer

Do you have endangered species in your own neighborhood?

Interactive BiomeViewer lets you discover Earth’s ecosystems

-historic climate data, wildlife, & more

-patterns of humans & agriculture changed planet since 1700

The Teacher-Friendly Guides™ to Earth Science from PRI

Overview of local & regional ES connect real-world ES to classroom curricula—clear, well-illustrated overview of regional ES

(7) guides cover the US—available on website, pdfs or print

Each guide covers—geological history, fossils, rocks, topography, mineral resources, glaciers, energy, soils, climate & Earth hazards

ESS Big Ideas, NGSS & creating virtual fieldwork

Use Guides

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