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NGSS Storylines

Excuse our Dust 

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NGSS Storyline Interactive Tools

RI2 Modules

Issue-Based teaching modules from @ReSTEMInst

--Scientific Literacy

--Socio-Scientific Reasoning

FULL lesson plans, presentations, virtual field trips, worksheets, etc

GeoInquiries for Environmental Science

Use GIS in classroom-learn environmental & geology

FREE online program &lesson plans from @ArcGISOnline

Many to choose from; this lesson:

-Ocean currents, river outlets, & blue whale patterns

Linear Regression to Doodles

Want students to improve graphing skills?

Interactive graph shows how:

-regression (best fit)line is formed

-few poor lab measurements can throw off data (slope


Need help having students create scientific models?

SageModeler is online software, easy to use

Compare student created data sets

Good for Chromebooks too!

@ConcordDotOrg @create4stem

Graph Literacy

Need to improve graph literacy?

Lesson Plan uses Interactive software (SmartGraph) to explain:



Indep/Dep Variables

Sci word prob

High Level science easy for all student to understand

Great fun too!



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