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Boston 2020 - NESTA Share-a-thon

Virtual Share-a-Thon Zoom Room 2


  • Ardis Herrold, Education Education Specialist at Vera Rubin Observatory
  • Elaine Bohls-Graham, Science Educator/Master Science Teacher, Austin Independent School District

Explore the Universe with Rubin Observatory

This share-a-thon presentation demonstrates astronomy materials the Rubin Observatory including some brief interactive pieces.They would like to know if teachers are interested in user-testing some of these investigations.

Share-a-Thon Recording - Explore the Universe Video (right-click or control-click to download)

Presenters - Ardis Herrold, EPO Education Specialist, Rubin Observatory

Resources - Contact if you are interested in user-testing

Find Sadie, the lost pooch: A trilateration actiivty

This share-a-thon presentation is a trilateration activity from the GPS STEM Curriculum that helps students see how position is determined with GPS satellites. Twelve other activities from the four modules (Earth, Life, Space, Movement) highlight STEM applications in orbital space clutter, energy grids, precision agriculture, global supply chains, aviation, weather forecasting, and conservation.

Share-a-Thon Recording - GPS STEM Curriculum Video (right-click or control-click to download)

Presenters - Peg Steffen, Curriculum Writer and Educator/Trainer with Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy

Resources - GPS STEM Curriculum

NASA Commercial Crew

This share-a-thon presentation shares resources from NASA's Office of STEM Engagement.

Share-a-Thon Recording - NASA Commercial Crew Video (right-click or control-click to download)

Presenters - Jessica Sain, NASA Outreach, Oklahoma State University

Resources - NASA STEM Engagement

NASA - Microsoft Hacking STEM Lessons on the International Space Station

Want to learn more about NASA and Microsoft's Hacking STEM lessons? This share-a-thon presentation shows lessons that allow students to collect live data via sensors and build engineering designs to solve real problems the crew members face on the International Space Station. Explore how you can use these lessons with students in the classroom! You can implement them with students grades 6-12 in any educational setting.

Share-a-Thon Recording - NASA STEM Spectrometer Video (right-click or control-click to download)

Presenters -Matthew Wallace, NASA Education Specialist, NASA Johnson Space Center


NASA Collection at the Microsoft Hacking STEM Library
Article about the NASA Collection
Microsoft Hacking STEM Library

    Replicating Copernicus: Scale Model Solar System

    Using Chrome-suite-compatible device and (using spreadsheets and room-sized manipulatives) emulate grades 10–12 students replicating the scale model solar system first calculated by Copernicus 500 years ago.!

    Share-a-Thon Recording - Replicating Copernicus: Scale Model Solar System (right-click or control-click to download)

    Presenters - Joel Rubin, Astronomy Teacher/Master Teacher, Stoughton High School


    Solar Energy

    Did you know that red wine could be a source for solar energy? We show that simple materials can be assembled into functional solar panels. The key component is a purple dye, called anthocyanine, which is extracted from fruit juice or red wine. Inside the solar cell, this dye absorbs sunlight by exciting its electrons. The supporting materials helps to create an electric potential across the device.

    Share-a-Thon Recording - Solar Energy (right-click or control-click to download)

    Presenters - Sameer Patwardhan, Developer, PC-Technologies

    Resources - STEM Learning Kit

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