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Current NESTA E-News

Check our recent issue of E-News (members only) for updates on NESTA activities, events at upcoming conferences, opportunities, new resources, and more! This month's issue includes:
  • NGSS Webinar: Down the Great Unknown: John Wesley Powell's ~1000 mile expedition down the Green and Colorado Rivers 150 years ago and USGS science today
  • Nominate an Outstanding Earth Science Teacher
  • Data in Action Teacher Workshop
  • Earth Educators' Rendezvous (EER) 2019
  • My NASA Data: About the Atmosphere
  • My NASA Data: A Phenomena Based Approach to Earth as a System
  • It's Not Too Late to Join the Air Quality Campaign
  • NASA Space Place: It's All About Earth in Support of Earth Day 2019
  • GLOBE Mission Mosquito Webinars
  • President's Message: Race to the Finish
  • Argy Leyton Receives 2019 Harold Stonehouse K-12 Mini-Grant
  • The Earth Scientist Spring 2019
  • GOES-16/17 2019 Virtual Science Fair
  • EO Kids - All about That Tilt: Sun and Seasons
  • NOAA - Educator Opportunities
  • Message from the Executive Director
  • Earth Day 2019 Teaching Resources
  • NOAA SciJinks-How Is Air Quality Measured?
  • GLOBE Observer Informal Toolkits