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Weather Resources

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Weather Interactive Tools

Weather Maps


Current Weather Maps

Need current weather maps for projects, student modeling, or personal use?

Great up-to-the-HOUR & archive of weather maps from @DAS_Illinois

Surface Analysis Weather Maps

Need to discuss Weather Maps with students? or just like to play with data?

Includes wind, temp, isobar, topography, fronts, dew point

Historical correlations


Ventusky Weather Maps

Has to be the BEST interactive Weather map from @Ventuskycom

Real time &historical

Wind, Temp, waves, clouds, dewpoint, humidity, thunderstorms, precipitation, snow

Hours of fun for students


Average Weather by City

Need quick & easy Weather data averages for your locality?

Find any city in the US or around the World!

Great for plotting data of understanding #climate regions

GOES Image Viewer

Want up-to-date Weather images of US?

Beautiful @NOAASatellites imagery

True Color (using simulated green) during daytime & Infrared bands 7/13 at night

Copernicus Sentinel 3 Data

Want to make your own maps w/ #Sentinel3 data?

Discover how to download, visualise & manipulate @CopernicusData

CODA provides free &open access to Sentinel-3 data


Winds & Migration

118 species of birds migrating—All data from Citizen science!

-Controlled by land features & Atmosphere

-move faster N—prevailing tailwinds

-Return travel search for weaker winds:



Want to see where it’s raining around the world?

@NASA's Global Precipitation Measurement Mission has many tools available for visualizing & analyzing precipitation data

Earth Gulf Stream

Beautiful interactive globe that displays movement of the wind around the Earth

Seasonal Changes


Earth / Sun Tool


Probably the coolest Interactive tool that explains:

seasons, sun angle, sun location/angle, solstices, etc.

Could play for HOURS!

Sun Path Simulator

Interactive Sun Path Simulator

Help explain:

- Length of day due to season

- Length of day due to latitude

- How tilt of Earth effect sun in sky

 Sun's Angles & Seasons

How do Sun's angles change per season & Latitude?

Interactive SunCalc

Help explain season;s; passive solar design of homes to save energy


Spring Leaf Index

Plants 2020 Spring bloomed earlier in the 20 days early in the Southeast & 20 day slate in Northern US

Good Q&A session with students on what would cause this

Fall Foliage Prediction Map

Great info:

-why colors actually turn

-what’s happening inside the leaf

-what causes different colors...dig deeper!

Phenology Viz Tool

AMAZING interactive map from @USANPN

—studies animal/plant affects by season/#climate

-different species

-seasonal patterns

-interpreting graphs

So much to do! Great video tutorials

Hurricane & Extreme Weather

 Watching Hurricanes from Space

Imagine this on a large projection screen, absolutely stunning

Watching Hurricanes Irma, Jose & Katia from 22,000 miles above Earth

Satellite Photo Collection

Collection of satellite images from @Pierre_Markuse surpassing 2,000 @sentinel_hub images

Emergency & Disaster info

Real-time emergencies, hazards, alerts & notable events

—#earthquake, storm, explosion, epidemic, accident— Zoom around regions of the world @RSOE_EDIS


Hurricane Tracker

Interactive hurricane tracker is even awesome when there are no hurricanes to help explain wave height vs wind speed/direction

via @NOAA_HurrHunter

Extreme Weather Maps

Where are the Extreme Weather & Hazards in US?

Beautifully created maps from @washingtonpost that brilliantly show distribution of hazards across the Nation

Natural Disaster Costs

Where natural disasters strike

Costs have drastically increased due to population growth

Data from @NOAA

& compiled by insurance companies

via @NYTScience

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