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The Total Eclipse of the Sun 2017

Solar Eclipse

August 21, 2017. Get your students excited about the coming solar eclipse!

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View the NESTA Sponsored Webinar

Charles Fulco

All Things Eclipse Webinar

Live from the path of totality, Charles Fulco discussed how an eclipse occurs, how to safely view the eclipse (no glasses, no problem), and shared classroom resources that you can use with your students. If you missed it, watch the archived webinar and explore the classroom resources.

Participate in Scientific Data Collection


GLOBE Observer Eclipse App

Download this app for smart phones and tablets, register an account, and get your thermometer ready to collect citizen science data for NASA during the eclipse. Start practicing your cloud observations now – air temperature data collection will become active on August 18, 2017! Observations are needed from across North America-from the path of totality and those experiencing a partial eclipse.

Solar Eclipse


EclipseMob ( This site may be offline. ) is a crowdsourced effort to conduct the largest-ever low-frequency radio wave propagation experiment during the 2017 solar eclipse. You can build your own radio receiver and participate in the measurement!


Eclipse Megamovie 2017

The Eclipse Megamovie Project will gather images of the 2017 total solar eclipse from over 1,000 volunteer photographers and amateur astronomers, as well as many more members of the general public. The goal is to add a new dimension to studies of the Sun's faint outer atmosphere – the corona. Stitching together thousands of images taken along the path of the 2017 total solar eclipse will provide a unique treasure-trove of information on how the corona changes over time. The resulting dataset will be open to the scientific community and general public for future research. Visit the site to sign up!

Explore Live Resources

Eclipse Path

Weather Forecast for The Eclipse

Starting August 15, 2017 NOAA's National Weather Service is providing forecasts for each location along the path of totality.

Eclipse Exploratorium Front Page

Total Solar Eclipse 2017 Live Stream

The Exploratorium along with its NASA partners, will be filming the event from two different locations and sharing it with the world by live stream. You can watch it live on this website and on its free Android and iOS app​s, or go to the Exploratorium and join them for a special eclipse-day program.

Visit Comprehensive Sites

NASA Total Solar Eclipse Logo

Eclipse 2017: Total Solar Eclipse

NASA created this website to provide a guide to this amazing event. Here you will find activities, events, broadcasts, and resources from NASA and its partners across the nation.

Eclipse Resources JPL

Let the Eclipse Begin a Pathway to Unlimited Learning

Monday, August 21, 2017, could quite possibly be your best science demonstration ever. Just walk outside and immerse learners in one of the most extraordinary astronomy lessons possible. The parts will already be aligned, the time is already set...there will be a solar eclipse on glorious display! Check out these NASA educational resources for the eclipse and beyond.

Partial Solar Eclipse

Solar Eclipse Across America

The American Astronomical Society has a comprehensive website with information about eye safety, how to shoot solar images and videos, how to find viewing events across the country, and much more. Check out the educational resources!

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