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Geology - Plate tectonics - Resources

Plate Tectonics Interactive Tools

PT Modeling


Rodina Reconstruction

Rodinia: rodit='give birth' in Russian

Thought original supercontinent formed present day continents

Model depicted is Li et al. (2008)

Interactive Model

Earth through Time

Help explain:

-Plate Tectonics

-Evolution caused by landmass

-Where fossils & Rock layers occur

Age of Lithosphere

Interactive study of Ages of Ocean floor, Continental cratons. & plate boundaries for students, using @googleearth

Accompanying Lessons


Paleomap Maker

Want to:

-Discuss model differences w/ students?

-make your own Plate Tectonic Paleo-maps & animations?

Created by @AuScope @Sydney_Science @EarthByteGroup


Create OWN #interactive Plate Tectonics models?

GPlates open-source software manipulation of tectonic reconstructions in geo time & raster data viz by@EarthByteGroup

Global Landscape Evolution Modelling Framework

eSCAPE, open-source global landscape evolution modelling framework, revolutionising our ability to track interactions between deep Earth and surface processes By @salles_tristan

Paper and code available

Lesson Plans

Plate Movement, 200 mya to Today 

FREE Interactive Plate Tectonics for 200 million years from @NOAAeducation & @Scienceona

Speed or slow the process, have student notice plate speed through vectors, age of seafloor, etc

GIS to teach Plate Tectonics

Full lesson and resources on how to integrate digital maps into your classroom

Plate Tectonic Guide

Plate Tectonics—You want Fun??? You want interactive???

@geolsoc Plate Tectonic guide not only is fun & interactive, but ALSO has the most captivating videos & diagrams

Earthquakes & Volcanoes


Seismic Waves

Interactive Seismic Waves Model

A visualization of earthquake waves traveling:

-through Earth’s interior

-radiating on the surface

-How read through seismographs

-Use real Earthquakes


Eruptions, Earthquakes & Emissions

Volcanoes & Earthquakes happen often, but in specific areas of Earth

Great Interactive Map & globe from


shows data including SO2 emissions archived since 1960

Plate Tectonics Systems

Geode is interactive software that helps explain plate tectonics, volcanism, earthquake etc

High level science broken down easily for every student to understand

Great fun too! @ConcordDotOrg

 Virtual Earthquake

Do you your students need help understanding Earthquakes?

This Interactive website helps by finding epicenters for historical earthquake using seismographs

 Interactive Map Active Volcanoes & Recent Earthquakes

Want up-to-date list of earthquakes & volcanoes around the world?

Interactive map makes it easy

Links to @facebook posts; detailed information & Volcano cams!

Earthquake 3D

Real-Time 3D Earthquake monitor for around the globe, absolutely beautiful

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