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Ocean Resources

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Ocean Interactive Tools



What Causes Ocean Currents?

Great @Esri interactive guide w/ beautiful visuals & great explanations

 Ocean & Coastal Facts

Ocean & coastal facts at your fingertips?

Look no further, @noaaocean has brief but well written descriptions of terms & ideas, which includes many short videos

   Hydrothermal Vent Science

Interactive guide to hydrothermal vents

Explore chemistry, biology & tectonic settings

Perfect for intertwining ES into NGSS classroom!

Includes map, videos &quiz


 Seabed Lithology

Interactive globe/maps -Seabed Lithology by @EarthByteGroup

Have students make inferences

-Clay in North Pacific?

-Diatoms near Antarctic?

-Rivers play role?

-How affects seafloor organisms?

GeoInquiries for Environmental Science

Use GIS in classroom-learn environmental & geology

FREE online program &lesson plans from @ArcGISOnline

Many to choose from; this lesson:

-Ocean currents, river outlets, & blue whale patterns

Sea Level Rise


Investigating Sea Level

Need students to understand Sea Level Rise?

Awesome Interactive Full lesson from @NOAASatellites:

Videos, Readings, Worksheets, Quizzes, Graphes, Maps

Sea Level Rise

Sea Level Rise sustainable for coastline cities (80% of population)?

FREE Interactive map from @NatGeo & @LeoDiCaprio's "Before the Flood"

Sea Level Trends

Discussing sea level rise?

Interactive map from @noaaocean gives up-to-date info, including monthly anomalies



Interactive map & Graph based on Peer Review:

-Each Country's pressure on each gyre & entire ocean

-Concentration per gyre

Plastic Trip

Interactive map displays how plastics travel w/ Ocean currents & how Great Pacific Garbage Patch exists, along where other patches exist around the World

Sailing the Seas of Plastic

Interactive map shows:

-distribution of plastics in the oceans

-Actual counts & weight

-expeditions completing clean up & their counts

Environmental Concerns



Deep-sea fishing but don't want to stress the Ocean & marine life?

EcoCaste is @noaacoastalsci map program to aide fisherman keep to areas that do not stress the oceanic environment

Ocean Bleaching

Complete Interactive lesson


Students use real data to investigate consequences of rising sea temps & importance of coral reefs in their own lives 


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