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Hydrology / Glaciers Resources 

Excuse our Dust 

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Hydrology Interactive Tools


High-Res Global Hydrography GIS Dataset

Created w/ satellite imagery AND OpenStreetMap to detect small waterways undetectable by satellites via @GISLounge

Largest Watersheds

Want students to use data on largest watersheds in the World?

How has human impact effected watersheds?

Interactive map from @WoodsHoleResCtr

 Land Cover 

How do watersheds, topography, latitude & impervious surfaces affect plant ground cover?

Interactive map from MLRC

Model My Watershed

Map My Watershed @WikiWatershed @NSF

Interactive Google Earth layering displays your area's:


-Soil type

-Stream Network

-Watershed units

Aquatic Macroinvertabrate

Need help having students study local streams and the life in them?

Check out these FREE Aquatic Macroinvertebrate Identification Cards

Easy to use, understand, if not just fun to learn more about the local watersheds

Local Watershed

Want to know about your local watershed? Or those in the US?


Two formats:

KML file with @googleearth

HTML file for browser use

Human Impact

Water Balance App

—Balancing act of Water/Climate—

AMAZING Interactive @Esri map

How much rain:

-becomes runoff,


-infiltrates soil

Monthly avgs giving record of hydrologic cycle all the way back to Jan 2000!

Global Man-made Impervious Surface

How much area is impervious man-made structures? (roads, lots, buildings etc)

@NASA Interactive map can bring good discussions into classroom:

Where does rain go?

How does this affect albedo? ecosystems?

Water Use & Stress 

Have questions or teaching about Water Access, Resources & Sanitation?

All the info & interactive maps you could ever want and more

Interactive Sea Ice Graph

Interactive Sea Ice Graph


Check out individual years or compare many years together

How much Water to Produce this Meal?

How much water does it take for your food?

Help #students be more responsible with natural resources!

Interactive guide to how much water it takes for a meal, part of CA's push for water conservation

Lab: Water Master

Discussing Aquifers has never been easier & FUN

Interactive allow you to build & explain:

-Precipitation/droughts vs Ground water movement

-Rock layers


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