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Geology Resources

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Geology Interactive Tools

Mapping / Topography


Topographic Globe

What more fun than an interactive globe?

An interactive Topographic Globe of course!

Virginia Geological Map

Fun interactive geological map of Virginia

Have fun w/ students explaining local features through geologic time

from @DMMEVA


Use Sentinel live & historical data by using open source EOBrowser from @esa

Visualize data from numerous satellites & data sources instantly

3d Printed Topographic Terrain

Trouble teaching topographic maps?

Always wanted a model of your favorite map?

FREE 3D printing software—TouchTerrian!

Recently updated version

True Size

You can drag & drop whole countries to compare size

Interactive map shrink countries & states all over the globe showing distortions/misconceptions caused by Mercator projections

Virtual Field Trips


 Virtual Outcrops

Want Virtual Outcrops database?

Launch—online 3D model database

(control tricky, place cursor w/direction & zoom in)


Virtual Field Trips

Want the Best Virtual Field-trips w/ embedded lessons?

From @asugeo


-FULL Interactive lessons

-360 photos



Remembers your last space if tab closed

Field Trip to Haley's Cove AU

Travel to Australian geology sites?—no need to worry about travel restrictions!

#VR interactive Hallett Cove's reveal geological secrets by completing a series of tasks from @LIVE_UniSA & @ROKmondo


Geologic Expedition- Columns of Giants

Embark on 360-Degree Geologic Expedition- Columns of Giants by @phaneritic

Full lesson plan: columnar basalt, igneous rock formation & glacier landscaping

Truly awesome experience

Grand Canyon River Archeology Virtual Tour

Take Virtual Tour of the archaeology of @GrandCanyonNPS

Breathtaking and informative

Stand on the Edge of Geologic Time

Transport yourself to Rocky Mountain National Park, with all its sights & sounds, in this immersive geology lesson

Virtual Geologic Tour using a computer or even better a VR Headset!


Image Collections


20,000+ Rock Formations

How does a geologist Work From Home ?

AMAZING 20,000+ rock formations from around the world categorized in this great photo collection of rocks

 Digital Atlas of Ancient Life

Want to explore fossils w/ your Ss?

@PaleoDigAtlas has a full collection of 3D models which includes:

-Teacher Resources

-Encyclopedia & Guides

-Downloadable App for Android & iOS

ES World Image Bank

Looking for just the right Earth Science image?

Not the average image found on a Google search?


has hundreds for public use


Satellite Photo Collection

Collection of satellite images from @Pierre_Markuse surpassing 2,000 @sentinel_hub images

 Online Learning Slideshows

Great collection of images and questions that gets Ss thinking rather than memorizing by @maggie_hiatus




Seabed Lithology

Interactive globe/maps -Seabed Lithology by @EarthByteGroup

Have students make inferences

-Clay in North Pacific?

-Diatoms near Antarctic?

-Rivers play role?

-How affects seafloor organisms?

Landslide Risks

Need to discuss with students where landslides exist & where they are most susceptible?

Interactive #map that shows terrain, rock types, history of landslides & susceptibility

via @OregonGeology

Interactive Periodic Table of the Elements

Relative amounts of elements found—in the Brain human body Flexed biceps—in the Earth Earth;s crust—by the number of mentions in books with decorative cover???

#Interactive Periodic Table of the Elements from Google Research

Free Open Textbook

Need FREE comprehensive Intro Geology Book... University level?

Physical aspects of geology = rocks/mins, plate tectonics, earthquakes, volcanoes, glaciation, groundwater, streams, coasts, mass wasting, climate change, planetary geology & much more

USGS This Dynamic Earth

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