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Climate Resources

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We are in transition to the new NESTA website.  We appreciate your patience as we go through this change

Climate Interactive Tools

Climate Models


Climate in your State

Make online student project—How is #Climate in your State changing?

FREE Interactive Real temp data that can be plotted & organized in many ways

-from 1925-present

-smooth out the curve by each plot point

-top temps

Could play for HOURS! 

 High Adventure - Climate

Interactive lesson allow students to understand:


-feedback systems

-Models in make predictions

-Constructing a scientific argument

Monash Simple Climate Model

What is Albedo? How does it control our global climate?

Interactive Climate model you can change:

-Ice, clouds, ocean, atmosphere, hydrological cycle, etc & see the effects


Earth Viewer

Geologic Time? Climate effects?Extinction events?

This interactive has it all!

-scroll billions yrs continents grow/shift

-Add layers, let #students explore deep time changes in atmo comp; temp; biodiversity; day length; & solar lumin


Files by @phaneritic needed to print the set of 3 ice cores that can be correlated

Tape worked well to attach photos around the (pool noodle) cores

Climate Feedbacks


Climate Anomalies

-every month: 1880-present

-compare world, region or your city

-make own graphs

via @NOAANCEIclimate


Use Sentinel live & historical data by using open source EOBrowser from @esa

Visualize data from numerous satellites & data sources instantly

Images of Change

Explore a stunning gallery of countless before/after images showing our Earth in a state of flux

via @NASAClimate


US Drought Monitor

Heat of Fall keep tabs w/ Weekly US Drought Monitor

Interactive w/ detailed reports of rainfall/drought in regions down to county level

Great for student projects for long term cycles

 Fire Season

Brush fires & forest fires Fire are on the rise in the US & causing more damage—They are in relatively few places... & the same places!

Very interesting trends/causes to discuss w/ students

EarthEngine Timelapse 

Have humans changed the Earth?

Timelapse any place on Earth!

Show Glaciers, lakes lowering, population growth

Including your own hometown!


Population and CO2 Emissions
(in Energy / Resources Resources)

Sun Angles / Seasons (in Astronomy Resources)

Sea Level Rise (In Oceans Resources)

Plant /Animal Changes due to Climate
(in Ecology Resources)

Bring climate change into your classroom with Climate Generation curricula.

We offer a suite of Grades 3-12 curriculum resources in the form of curriculum guides, as well as online modules that can be downloaded for free.

All of these resources are interdisciplinary and can be used in the following classes: earth science, life science, physical science, civics, economics, history, media, English Language Arts, environmental science, geography, and art.

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