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Astronomy / Space Resources

Excuse our Dust 

We are in transition to the new NESTA website.  We appreciate your patience as we go through this change

Astronomy Interactive Tools

Sun / Stars


Sun Path Simulator

Interactive Sun Path Simulator

Help explain:

- Length of day due to season

- Length of day due to latitude

- How tilt of Earth effect sun in sky

Earth / Sun Tool


Probably the coolest Interactive tool that explains:

seasons, sun angle, sun location/angle, solstices, etc.

Could play for HOURS! 

 Sun's Angles & Seasons

How do Sun's angles change per season & Latitude?

Interactive SunCalc

Help explain season;s; passive solar design of homes to save energy


 Atom Builder

Need students to understand the Atom quickly?

Interactive web-based software allows students to build atoms and the relationship between three particles (electron, protons, neutrons)



 Eclipse - Time & Date

Want to know what date & time the lunar eclipse is occurring in your hometown?


Put in your zip code and find out:

Astromaterials 3D

Love Letters from #Space

Moon Rocks—Mars Rocks—Antarctica Meteorites left over formation of Solar System 4.5 bya

Interactive with Plenty of data & detail


Lunar Exploration

Simply beautiful mesmerizing Interactive video lessons -Moon formation, crust & interior evolution

-current features

-Future exploration & landings


Solar System


Amazing, Free online Interactive modeling of the Solar System and Night Sky

Let's Go to Mars

Calculating Launch Windows from Earth to Mars

Student @NASAJPL 

lesson discussing the physics & math behind reaching Mars

Weight on other Planets Calculator

Easiest way for weight loss or weight gain?—move to another planet!

Easy & fun calculator for knowing weight on other planets and celestial bodies


 NASA 3D Printing Models

What to do with a 3D Printer?

@NASA has tons of models to choose from:

-Satellite / Rockets

-Landing sites




Mars Sim

Want to travel to Mars?

FREE Sim of Terraforming the Red Planet

This SIM is very deep in jobs, requirements & relationships between settlers

Based on real requirements

Where are the Voyagers Now?

Where are @NASAVoyager & @NSFVoyager2 at right now?

Find all updates & info in real time, on webpage or download app for your phone


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