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Review the NESTA workshops planned for the 2016 Nashville program and browse presentations from the Fall 2015 Area Conferences

Summer Conferences to consider attending include:

-- the Earth Educators Rendezvous in Madison, Wisconsin from July 18-22

-- National Congress on Science Education, in Denver, Colorado (July, 23-26)

-- NSTA-STEM Forum and Expo (July 27-29), in Denver, Colorado

-- Michigan Earth Science Teachers Association is sponsoring an event on the Upper Peninsula on August 1.

Have ideas for student projects and need some funding support? NESTA announces the opportunity to apply for a Harold B. Stonehouse Mini-Grant. Find out about rules and requirements.

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Concerned about proposed changes in State Assessment and Standards? NESTA is coordinating with other leaders in Earth Science Education to monitor potential decisions that will affect ES teaching. Here is one example of how NESTA can support efforts to influence the Decision Makers.

Help Support NESTA Today! NESTA works very hard to keep membership costs low, thanks to the efforts of its volunteers and hard working small staff. When it's time to renew your membership--or whenever you want to support NESTA's efforts to support strong Earth Science Education--we hope you will consider making a donation to NESTA to help expand the resources and programs we offer for teachers and students. Contributions to the National Earth Science Teachers Association are tax exempt under NESTA's non-profit IRS designation. We will be glad to provide a letter of appreciation recognizing your donation for tax purposes.

NESTA'S Mission

The National Earth Science Teachers Association is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) educational organization, founded in 1985, whose mission is to facilitate and advance excellence in Earth and Space Science education. NESTA's purpose is the advancement, stimulation, extension, improvement, and coordination of Earth Science education at all educational levels. NESTA is an organization made up of and governed by classroom teachers, and extends its influence through association with other professional societies and organizations.

Visit our About NESTA pages to find out more about our organization. Links below the banner at the top of this page, as well as in the navigation panel to the left, provide links to NESTA resources and services. NESTA members can login in the box at the right to access resources available only to Members, such as our archived publications (The Earth Scientist, and NESTA E-News). NESTA members can update their personal information through My NESTA, and view the full calendar of upcoming events. They can also recommend or share curriculum resources, images, and multimedia with the NESTA community.

Membership in NESTA provides many benefits to Members. Find out more on our Membership Benefits page.We always welcome new members - JOIN NESTA today! NESTA membership also gets you a 50% discount on our partner, Educator membership in Windows to the Universe, the world's leading Earth and Space Science educational website. WttU provides a host of resources for you to use in the classroom, and valuable member benefits.

Science Store on Windows to the Universe website! Check out the science education store on the Windows to the Universe website. In addition to Windows to the Universe and NESTA resources, the store offers publications and DVDs from other providers. Windows to the Universe members get a 10% discount on store products.

Partnerships - Are you interested in getting the word out to Earth and Space Science educators about your research, programs, resources, or services? If so, please find out more about opportunities we offer on our Partnerships page, as well as information about advertising in NESTA's journal, The Earth Scientist, our monthly newsletter, NESTA E-News, or on the Windows to the Universe website or in the Windows to the Universe Earth and Space Science Educator newsletter.

Share Your Best Places to Go for Earth and Space Science Education - Please help us create NESTA's List of Best Places for Earth and Space Science across the country. We would like to ask you, as a NESTA member, to share your favorite places in your state relevant to our field with other NESTA members. The following questions may help you think of the places we'd like to identify:

  • What are the places you love to visit to see a great outcrop?
  • What museum or planetarium in your area do you think is the best for seeing a geoscience-related exhibit?
  • What places do you like to visit to see the best examples of landforms?
  • Do you know of good places where you can collect rocks, minerals, and fossils (legally...) - even if at a fee?
Please fill out an online form with which you can provide the name, location (either address or geographic coordinates), and a brief description of locations. Please remember to focus your responses on places that are within 500 miles of you, since for now we will rely on our distributed network to provide responses that cover the country. Don't forget to provide your name and e-mail, so we can acknowledge your contributions.

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Now you can easily access information on topics that highlight our active Earth. Learn all about the latest earthquakes, volcanoes, hurricanes, severe weather, wildfires, tides and currents, droughts, a calendar of solar and lunar eclipses, and daily streamflow information.

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