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NESTA links you to a variety of professional development opportunities that offer support to the Earth and Space Science teacher by enriching their content knowledge and supporting best practices in the Earth and Space sciences. We highlight NESTA Professional Development opportunities, professional development opportunities offered by other organizations, and opportunities for teachers to become involved in research.

Some of the professional development opportunities highlighted here include full-time course work and others can be accomplished online or during summer programs. Some of these opportunities include full or partial scholarships. Monitor this link for new and exciting opportunities in professional development and be sure to add professional development opportunities of interest to your MyNESTA calendar. To access MyNESTA, you need to be a member of NESTA. If you are not already a member of NESTA, join today!

If you have a professional development opportunity that you would like to have listed here, please post the opportunity.

NESTA Professional Development Opportunities

Web seminar from 7 to 8 pm Eastern. Register online at

This NESTA hands-on workshop highlights lessons and strategies using NGSS crosscutting concepts to unite core ideas and science practices for classroom Earth system science.

Explore the scientific foundations of what we know about weather, climate, and climate change through effective hands-on and data-rich classroom activities from NESTA.

This NESTA workshop presents exemplary NGSS-focused activities for the geology classroom that bring fundamental concepts in Earth science to life for your students. Handouts!

This NESTA-ESIP hands-on workshop highlights freely available lessons and strategies integrating data acquisition, analysis, and interpretation in the classroom—engaging students in the scientific process.

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