Elimination of the Arizona Mining & Mineral Museum

Arizona currently boasts a top rated earth science museum, the Arizona Mining and Mineral Museum which includes K-12 education programs. Arizona governor is eliminating this museum, but NOT to cut cost as people will assume. Millions are being spent to convert it into the Arizona Centennial Museum which will feature cotton, cows, etc. K-12 earth science education will be badly damaged. The mineral museum is still open, but only because the Arizona Historical Society has not yet raised enough money to convert it to the Arizona Centennial Museum featuring cotton, cows, etc. The Arizona Historical Society took control of the museum building on July 29. They have also been given control of the state mineral collection, but didn't want the supporting documentation. The scientific value (and perhaps the physical security) of the collection is at risk. The K-12 earth science education programs are also at risk. We desperately need to repeal House Bill 2251, which gave the collection to the AHS. Complete details are available at http://www.minmumad.blogspot.com

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