NESTA Field Trip - From Glacial Till to Minerals that Thrill!

This full day field trip will provide an opportunity to visit multiple sites in the vicinity of Indianapolis, including collection opportunities. We will be spending some time at various areas of the Hanson Aggregates Midwest, Inc.’s Harding Street Quarry. This quarry is a sand and gravel pit. We will be observing the operations and looking at layers of dolomite, black shale, and Devonian / Silurian limestone. Dr. Nelson R. Shaffer from the Indiana Geological Survey will be guiding the trip and explaining the various layers. This will be a collecting trip so bring your collecting bags. We will provide a Field Guide, lunch, hard hats and safety glasses. Buy tickets online.

Fee for participation: 
$35 in advance, $40 on-site in Indianapolis
Wednesday, March 28, 2012

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